Dinning room


Business hours: 7:00 am to 2:00 pm


Breakfast lunch Omelette
2 eggs, 3 meats Nature
2 eggs, bacon or sausages Cheese
2 eggs, ham Ham
2 eggs Western
1 egg, 3 meats All dress
1 egg, bacon or sausages Lobster
1 egg, ham
1 egg
Captain brunch (2 eggs, bacon, sausages, ham, crepe, beans)
*Served with toasts, roasted potatoes, thea or coffee
Eggs Benedict
Délice breakfast (french toasts (2), with fruits and pastry cream
Western Sandwich
Coco Club
Breakfast Poutine
French toasts
  • Pan-fried caramel apple
  • Banana and homemade chocolate
  • Banana and homemade caramel

  • Lunch

    Appetizer Salads
    Soup of the day Chicken salad
    Chef salad Ham salad
    Chicken fingers Shrimps salad
    Poutine Lobster salad
    Chicken vol-au-vent
    Shrimps vol-au-vent
    Lobster vol-au-vent

    Sandwichs Hot Sandwichs
    Tomatoes sandwich Hamburger
    Ham sandwich Cheeseburger
    B.L.T. sandwich Hot chicken
    Ham/Cheese sandwich Hot hamburger
    Chicken sandwich Hamburger Michigan with fries
    Chicken guedille with fries
    Club sandwich with fries
    Lobster sandwich
    Lobster guedille with fries
    Lobster club sandwich with fries

    Rice Pasta
    Vegetables rice Italian spaghetti
    Chicken rice Seafood spaghetti
    Shrimps rice
    Lobster rice

    Chicken Steak
    1/4 BBQ (leg) Liver & Bacon
    1/4 BBQ (breast) Chopped steak with onions
    1/2 BBQ (let & breast) * Served with cabbage salad, and a choice of potatoes, rice or green salad.
    1/2 BBQ (2 breasts)
    * Served with cabbage salad, bun, BBQ sauce and a choice of potatoes, rice or green salad.

    Fish & Chips
    Fried clams
    * Served with cabbage salad, and a choice of potatoes, rice or green salad.

    Brise Marine desserts are made on site and vary from day to day. Ask for our selection of the day.

    Photo Gallery

    Photos of the motel and the area